Escala Partners recognised in the Euromoney 2019 survey

In February, Euromoney released their 2019 Private Banking and Wealth Management Survey results, which provide a qualitative review of the best services in private banking, by region and by areas of service. Within Australia, Escala Partners ranked in the top ten in all twelve categories, including first in two categories, second in three categories and third in a further three categories.

Escala Partners results:

3rd Best Private Banking Services Overall
3rd Ultra High Net Worth Clients (Greater than US$ 30 million)
1st Ultra High Net Worth Clients (US$5 Million to US$ 30 million)
2nd Super Affluent Clients (US$1 Million to US$ 5 million)
1st Asset Management
2nd Family Office Services
7th Research and Asset Allocation Advice
2nd Philanthropic Advice
3rd ESG/Social Impact Investing
8th International Clients
4th Succession Planning Advice and Trusts
8th Technology

Full results here.