• Overview

    Escala Partners is pleased to announce that on the 1st April 2019 we joined the Focus Financial (“Focus”) partnership, which will bring significant benefits to our business and, particularly, our clients.

    Focus is a multi-billion-dollar group of fiduciary wealth management firms. Headquartered in New York it has partners located throughout the US and an increasing international reach that includes the United Kingdom, Canada, Western Europe, Asia and Australia.

    The partnership arrangement means that we will maintain our operational independence while enjoying the opportunity to further increase the range and quality of our resources, services and advice.

    This, together with greater access to the international experience, information and research available through our partner network, will provide better outcomes for our clients.

    Announcing the agreement, CEO Pep Perry stated, ‘Our main goal at Escala is to provide our clients with the best wealth management advice possible. To achieve this, we are constantly trying to innovate and redefine how to construct the perfect portfolio for each client’.

    ‘Focus impressed us with its track record of success in supporting leading fiduciary wealth management firms through access to capital, value-added resources and best practices. We are looking forward to leveraging these resources and expertise to assist our clients.’

    Escala Partners was established in in 2013 and the founding partners had the collective ambition to set a new standard in personalised wealth management in Australia. Escala is well established as a leading advisor to ultra-high net worth individuals, families, not-for-profit organisations and institutional investors. The key is the customised investment solutions we provide through our collaborative, team-based approach.

    The synergy of approach and values underpinned the agreement with Focus. Rajini Kodialam, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer at Focus, said, ‘Escala impressed us with their integrity, investment acumen and client-centric approach as well as the entrepreneurial excellence of its management team’.

    Focus Co-Founder, CEO and Chairman, Rudy Adolf, has pointed out, ‘Regulators across the globe are continuing to focus on, and to increasingly mandate, the provision of fiduciary advice. We believe the heightened regulatory scrutiny and proliferating awareness of the fiduciary standard for wealth management is increasingly driving wealth management professionals and their clients toward objective, fee-based business models consistent with our partner firms’ client-centric approach’.

    Rudy encapsulated the value of the Escala partnership by saying, ‘We have identified Australia as an important and attractive market and we expect our philosophy of fiduciary care and nonalignment with product providers to resonate with our partner firms and their sophisticated clients’.

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