Investment process

Our in-house investment team, led by our Chief Investment Officer, has established a robust investment process designed to optimise the achievement of long-term investment objectives.

Through disciplined analysis of research from internal sources and a range of major investment banks, the team constructs and monitors diversified model portfolios.

From these models, individual client portfolios are then formulated and actively managed according to established parameters.

Asset classes include:

  • cash and money market securities
  • fixed income securities (global and domestic)
  • equities (global and domestic)
  • managed funds (global and domestic, including property)
  • alternative investments (including hedge funds, long/short strategies, and exchange traded options).

We service a diversity of client needs and our investment process can mean different things to different clients. What matters most is that there is integrity at the heart of all that we do.

Whatever the investment objective, we can shape our advice to achieve maximum benefits…