Portfolio management

Individual client portfolios are formulated to meet specific investment objectives according to an agreed risk profile.

The range of portfolio options — managed in partnership with clients and at their discretion — includes, but is not limited to, the following model portfolios covering:

  • all asset classes
  • selected or single-asset classes
  • any combination of asset classes tailored to clients’ specific requirements, ethical overlays, or portfolio legacy issues appropriate for us to consider. We also cater for the particular objectives of philanthropic organisations and not-for-profit investors.

Our portfolio management process includes a number of service features, including:

  • separately managed accounts, by which we manage the portfolio in ‘real time’ in-line with agreed parameters, without the need to refer the decision-making process to any one director or board of trustees
  • access to investment experts (internal and external to Escala)
  • comprehensive administration, including performance, transaction and tax reporting
  • a transparent, single-tier fee structure
  • comprehensive on-line access.


Our processes and disciplines are best assessed in the light of the portfolio solutions that we shape to client needs.

This is readily visible in the structure and content of portfolios as we guide them from theory into practice…