Three Years

Thank You

Just 3 years ago, Escala Partners set out to with the collective ambition to become the new standard in personalised wealth management.

Everything we do is designed to care for you and realise your financial aspirations. We strive to be our very best and so that we can reward your support and loyalty that enabled Escala. For this, we are, and will always be grateful.

People are at the heart of our business and we would like to acknowledge the contributions of the Escala team. The growth of our team has been instrumental in ensuring the building of close working relationships, and development of personalised solutions to help our clients reach their long-term goals.

We want you to feel an intrinsic sense of confidence and comfort in the knowledge that your financial security will be preserved, and in knowing that your greatest asset will be the legacy you leave for their future generations.

Pep Perry
Chief Executive Officer/Partner