Escala is a dedicated partnership forged by like-minded people to provide a style and sophistication of advice currently not on offer to Australia’s discerning investors.

We inject energy and an enterprising spirit into the pursuit of our client’s interests and financial needs.

To do so, we provide customised financial advice across all asset classes and, while our bias is towards Australian assets, we also have the global reach required to facilitate the international investment ambitions of our clients.

Most of our partners work  ‘on’ and ‘in’ the business, meaning that the business is managed by those closest to clients and, vitally, with an intimate understanding of their needs.

Each of Escala’s partners has worked for 10 or more years for some of the world’s leading financial institutions, with billions of dollars collectively in their care and control.

We are therefore acutely aware of best practice and are committed to the delivery of exceptional client-centric service.

Escala’s partners work in close proximity to their support staff, an activity that is pivotal in effectively managing our client’s assets and ensuring that the client service ethic is shared and experienced by all.

Our partners have extensive experience across asset markets and investment disciplines within Australia and from around the world, because the advice you need is rarely about one security, one asset class or one country.

Our expertise has been built to match your needs...