Advisory process

Our advisory process is highly personalised and begins with face-to-face discussions in order to acquire the knowledge and understanding that is essential to developing long-term, trust-based relationships. 

This is a logical, sequential process:

  • detailed discussions to fully understand clients’ needs
  • asset allocation assessment
  • portfolio modelling, integration, monitoring and reviewing
  • formal account set-up
  • funding of accounts
  • estate/whole-of-life planning.

Fundamental to the ongoing effectiveness of the process are trusting relationships, and the provision of thorough and proactive planning and advice over the long term.

Personal advice, excellence in delivery

For our advice to be personally tailored, we first develop an intimate knowledge of our client’s individual circumstances. Only then can our own experience and judgment, and the resources within our partnership, be suitably utilised to create and devise optimal financial solutions.

Our joint resolve is to capitalise on our depth of experience and harness the changing landscape within the financial services arena to create a carefully differentiated, integrated and diversified wealth advisory organisation.

In short, we seek to differentiate ourselves by setting into action that which appears obvious but often only gets lip service; we exist to excel for our clients and to deliver services with a calibre second to none.

Any serious endeavour demands a careful and deliberate resolve. Wealth management is no different. Only an established process — robust and open to review and evolution — can survive the climb and thrive.